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Biomedical engineering: a Master 2 in Regulatory Affairs Medical Devices

The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 offers in September 2013, a Master 2 in regulatory affairs for medical devices, in partnership with the SNITEM and the network of biomedical engineering schools. This initiative aims to respond to increased regulation which governs the sector.

MRI, insulin pumps, defibrillators, medical software, bandages, prostheses All these products make up the medical device sector (DM), which generates a turnover of 19 billion euros in France each year, and employs 60,000 people. Suffice to say that it is a leading economic sector and dynamic. And especially since these DM are at the crossroads of many technologies: electrical, electronics, computer, mechanical, biological, textile.

Therefore Polytech Lyon and the Institute of Biological Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Lyon 1 (components of the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1) jointly moved, from the 2013 school year, a Master 2 in Regulatory Affairs for medical devices.

knowledge of technical and regulatory aspects for medical devices

regulatory control aspects for medical devices

management and management of accreditation and its consequences (regulatory, financial, logistical samples).

Admissions to a Master 1 sciences, engineering or pharmacy

This training is offered to students with a Master 1 scientific or engineering students wishing to specialize in the regulation, management and quality management of medical devices or pharmaceuticals sector students. The admission takes place on application and interview.

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