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Become a gendarme training school

Become a gendarme training school

The final decision of commitment authorization (indicating school that you will join and date) will be notified about two months before admission. Y will be attached a welcome booklet in which you will find all the information that will be useful, and a good one transport, which will allow you to get a free train ticket.

The first day of arrival in school, you will sign an employment contract. The contract is signed for a period of six years, thereby creating the conditions for the career path (four years of military service two in the rank of constable). This agreement may be terminated during the probationary period, equal to the school in training time (10 months), at your request or prior to physical unfitness to commitment, or to the inability to use watchdog . Moreover, it can be canceled at any time for non-compliance with laws and regulations governing engagement in the gendarmerie.

Duration and content of training

The school training takes place under the regime and boarding is paid. In 10 months, it includes a one-month internship in the brigade. There are several schools of the gendarmerie: Châteaulin (mixed schools); Chatellerault; Chaumont (mixed schools); Le Mans ; Libourne (Mixed School); Montlucon (mixed schools).

The training is structured around four content:

vocational training judicial police, administrative, road traffic;

Military training: shooting and weapons, tactics, topography, telecommunications;

The main stages of formation

These can vary slightly from one school to another in terms of date. However, there are the following steps:

as stated above, the first day of integration in school, you will sign an employment contract;

About two weeks later, you will participate in a ceremony symbolizing the cohesion and solidarity of the unit in which you will be given the flag of the company;

around the 11th week, you will receive passing that symbolizes the birth of the promotion, its color and its number;

in the course of 12 weeks, you will participate in a bivouac (its duration can vary between schools, count a week) which aims learning hardiness as part of a tactical response in autarky;

at the end of the fourth month, you will be assessed on your theoretical and practical skills;

then you will have a permission to ten days;

on your return, trainers company executives will hand you your first official military braid;

a month later, in the course of 22 weeks, you will receive a cap, if you are a man, and a coachman, if you are a woman. As the presentation of the braid, it symbolizes your assumption of the status of student constable;

three weeks that follow will be devoted to an internship in departmental gendarmerie, which allows you to implement the learning outcomes as well as discover the reality of the gendarmerie daily;

new permission, this time for a week, during the 30th week of training;

a week before the final exam, you will leave camp in order to apply the theoretical knowledge of different materials during synthesis exercises;

after 39 weeks, you will be assessed on all your purchased under;

at 42 weeks, and after the swearing in, the student will policeman that you were appointed gendarme. Previously, you are assigned a fitness for the police certificate (CAG) approved level IV of technological education (baccalaureate equivalence). Know more than at the end of training, possession of a driving license category B or civil military "light vehicles" is essential to be appointed gendarme.

The training ends with the baptism of the promotion, a church service and a ceremonial parade during which the gendarmes honored their stripes. You choose your first assignment unit depending on your rank and ranking among the places offered the choice, provincial gendarmerie, mobile gendarmerie or Republican Guard.

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