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bac + 3 degree, the Bachelor is increasingly acclaimed by students and businesses. Its benefits are indeed many: accessible after the tray oriented towards international it as a springboard to employment that further studies, particularly in the area of ​​trade and marketing. Content, training opportunities: we tell you everything.

In many countries, the "Bachelor" means the diploma awarded after the first cycle, which is equivalent to France at the license (general or vocational). The Bachelor was introduced in France by business schools and specialized schools in the areas of marketing, human resources, communication, banking, etc. Its success is growing! !

The Bachelor wants multidisciplinary training, professionalizing and open internationally. Thus, it is often expected that the three years of study takes place abroad, and / or training to be offered in English. Many periods are reserved for internships and some schools offer the formula of alternating, usually in the last year.

Warning as schools, means a Bachelor course of three years post-baccalaureate, or only reached 3rd year of training after a bac + 2 (BTS / DUT / Licence 2). Ask before you!

In the case of 3 years program, the Bachelor is made up of a core of about 1500h, including theoretical and practical case studies and language courses and general culture. The last year is generally directed towards specialization and professionalization, with many periods of work which may represent a total of 15 to 30 weeks.

Bachelor: successful study and exams

Graduation is done through continuous control (controls, QCM, records, oral presentations, etc.) but also a semi-annual or annual review. Moreover, the courses lead to the drafting of a report / dissertation and an oral presentation that count in the average.

The Bachelor is accessible after the bin (general or technological series) or after a bac + 2. Admission is usually done in several stages: study of the file, and written and oral tests (synthesis, general knowledge, language ). Many business schools offer a Bachelor (EGC business school ) have come together in joint trials banks: competition Atout + 3 (8 schools), bachelor contest EGC (29 campuses) and competition Ecricome Bachelor (3 schools).

After a bachelor, it is quite possible to find a job, this diploma recognition enjoying increasingly strong among recruiters, who sees an interesting compromise between the higher technical bac + 2, and the context manager tray + 5. A survey of EGC and showed that 90% of bachelor graduates wishing to work, found a job at the exit.

But the Bachelor allows absolutely continue his studies: this is what decide to do 43% of them. A choice even simpler than their schools open spaces parallel admission, toward their "big school" programs or Masters. Holders of Bachelor may also turn to the University for a Masters 1 or an Institute of Business Administration and certain Political Studies Institutes.

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La bible Post-Bac Acces / Sesame / Pass

This book is intended for future graduates who wish to give the best chance of success to common competition ACCESS, SESAME and PASS. The specificity of these competitions: unpublished tests for high school students and destabilizing in many. Hence the importance of being prepared!

"The technical knowledge is not as essential as the ability to project themselves into crafts changing" – Interview Bachelor INSEEC

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