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Bac: the “special reviews” drugs are they effective?

Many students consume drugs against exam stress, fatigue or even insomnia. As we approach the Bac, the "magic" pills abound pharmacies. But are they really effective? Is there a risk to young people?

During revisions Bac, you are inevitably stressed and you say "why not take a little trick to put me up or a sleeping pill to sleep well and not be tired the next day " The anti-fatigue pill for smart-drugs through anxiolytics and tranquilizers, these medicines are supposed to give a boost and help you to keep going during your revisions. "Among these treatments, none have succeeded to demonstrate improved intellectual skills in scientific studies when there was," says Alexander Malmartel, General Practitioner in Morsang-sur-Orge and university clinic chief at Paris Descartes ". Feel stress or anxiety to the examinations approach is normal, so do not worry. But when stress materializes by crises repeated fears it becomes problematic and may require medication.

Know that taking drugs is not without consequences on the human body. Side effects are observed but differ between drugs and the quantity consumed "Taking anti-fatigue pill has few serious side effects, but can cause digestive disorders, anxiety and trouble concentrating while the effect Conversely was expected! "Confirms Alexander Malmartel. The smart-drugs for their part, are subject to medical prescription because they are amphetamine derivatives and can have serious or even fatal side effects: "These treatments available too easily on the Internet have a number of cons-indications that make their use all the more dangerous when procures without a doctor ‘-t he added.

According to studies, the number of students taking medication to improve their intellectual performance can vary between 5 to 30%. Consumption that inevitably causes physical addiction. Indeed, "The smart-drugs are additive substances causing addiction. They favor the continuation of treatment beyond the period originally desired and are also responsible for the judgment withdrawal syndromes, which unfortunately can grow to a recovery in consumption, "laments Dr. Malmartel. Not to mention that taking drugs without aim of treating an illness falls doping and said doping said addiction! No wonder that in American universities is expected to pass doping tests to students to limit these harmful practices.

In addition to taking medication that does not generate any real effectiveness and can be dangerous for your health, other healthier ways happily exist. Although their effectiveness remains to be demonstrated, herbal medicine, homeopathy, caffeine or treatments are gentle and very dangerous substances. Non-drug methods of relaxation and concentration have meanwhile no risks and have real benefits that can be sustainably improved personal confidence of students. Finally, we must focus on a healthy lifestyle, as advised by the doctor Malmartel "Sleeping in good conditions and a balanced diet are habits promote good working conditions."

However, it is not forbidden to take vitamin supplements (eg fruit juice). Remember also to make sport to reduce stress. Do not overlook pauses for revisions, essential to soothe the soul.

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