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bac pro: what studies do next?

Admittedly, the objective of vocational baccalaureate is for you to enter the workforce. Nevertheless, it is possible – and even desirable – to complete her studies with training in one or more years. Overview of tracks available to you.

As the general and technological series, professional Bachelor offers the possibility to whoever won to pursue graduate studies. Moreover, these bachelor are increasingly likely to take this option, preferring to postpone the entry into the workforce.

Among them, there is a majority who have received specialty services (accounting, commerce, secretariat ), but those industrial sectors (maintenance, construction, manufacturing, etc.) are not far behind. What are accessible and advised dies after a pro bin?

Select the university after a pro tray

Better to think twice! The formation of pro tray prepares students to take courses at the university, either in terms of methodology or level. Unfortunately, the rate of failure or abandonment is very important for these students (+ 90%).

However, nothing is insurmountable and nobody will stop you to register license if you wish. Better, however, expect to have to work hard. It is essential also to choose a license notice is a continuation of specialization followed by pro tray: the Eco-management license to those who have gone through a pro Sale ferry, Commerce or Management-Administration, the license Chemistry after a vocational baccalaureate Laboratory Quality Control

You can also turn to the Vaucanson school CNAM which has two locations: one in Paris in Saint-Denis and the other in Saint-Brieuc in Brittany. It allows to prepare two learning licenses: a "Management" license and a license "Methods and industrial sciences", both for professional use. Expect a strong selection.

The BTS and the DUT are the most popular sectors of the pro graduates. A reason for these courses allow two years to acquire skills and experience recognized by professionals. Good news for those who have graduated with honors or Very Good: places are reserved for you right in the specialties that fit your training.

For others, it’s not so simple. Indeed, graduates remain a minority within the IUT and BTS although some specialties – for example in the production and industry, and general training alternating – gladly welcome them. The only condition to hope to earn a spot: have a good record. Indeed to apply, you have to go through the Admission Post Bac procedure. Admission is then after reviewing the file that includes the high school notes and a letter without which you will have to show the consistency of your career plans and your seriousness. Hence the importance of having well matured his project before applying.

To increase your chances of success: choose a specialty that matches your background. Thus, it is found that the failure rate decreases exams every year for the pros graduates, and they fit as well as others in the end.

This possibility is still rare, but it deserves to be known! There are some preparatory classes for schools for professional graduates. This is the case for example Cassin-Frey schools in Strasbourg and Marseille Jean Perrin offering preparatory classes economic and trade professional way (ECP), or the Lycee Henri Parriat to Montceau-les-Mines who has a preparation TSI reserved for pros graduates. Like all prépas, they aim to prepare students to pass the competition of the great schools of business or engineering, but they adapt their programs and pedagogy, and last for example three years instead of two.

Several training devices allow you to acquire, within one year of specialized skills in a sector, or a double competence. This is the case of Complementary Training for Local Initiatives (CFLI) and additional statements (TM), who intend to adapt more training at the local or regional economy to facilitate employability.

The formation of 6 to 9 months is performed alternately: a game consists of business, and the other in a general or vocational school or an apprentice training center. Detail that is important: the Additional comment does not offer the possibility of repetition.

Whatever industry you choose (BTS, DUT, MC ), it may be interesting to your study programs. The advantage you have over other graduates is that your training has already helped you to become familiar with the world of business and to acquire certain reflexes.

It is likely that you will have less trouble finding a home business because you can show the employer that you have acquired the expertise, know-be, you know what is expected of you. Much reassuring elements for a boss!

The icing on the cake at the end of your course, these are all experiences you can highlight on your resume, that will enhance your application and make your integration into the labor market.

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