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Bac ES: Physical Education (EPS)

The physical education is a mandatory test for all series of general and technology baccalauréat. Unlike other materials, assessment is continuous control during the senior year.

the tests

Earlier senior year, you have to choose a menu with 3 sports among the five proposed. These menus are set by each academy based on a national list.

The test of physical education is carried out during the year, whether for the common (compulsory), the addition of the optional teaching or education (optional).

The mandatory review of EPS

It consists of three practical tests recorded during the last class of each quarter. Each is scored on 20 points and the final grade is the average of the three.

The additional test

This test is mandatory for students who followed the teachings of additional EPS. It is organized in two parts: the first is based on the practice of three sports (60% of the final grade); the second evaluates an individual production and collective production of the candidate (files, video editing, newspaper, show organization ).

The optional test

This is an optional event. She evaluated in two parts, one is practical, and the other consists of an interview where the student is asked about the rules and culture of the sport.

The ad hoc review

The ad hoc review of EPS is for independent candidates (out of school) and therefore have not been noted during the year.

For the compulsory test: candidates choose a pair of events from a national list (see below). Each of the two tests is marked out of 20 and the final score is the average of the two.

5. Badminton – Rescue

For the optional test: The candidates who took the optional sports will have a physical test graded on 16 points and a noted interview on 4 points. The interview assesses the scientific, technical, regulatory and reflection on the candidate’s practice.

The suitable examination

A candidate with a physical disability certified by the school doctor has a suitable control. The candidate will be evaluated on a single test appropriate to the particular case, after authorization of the President.

Two possibilities exist:

or the property may provide, continuous control, two tests adapted after consultation within the establishment EPS professors and school health services (this proposal is subject to the approval of the rector)

either it proposes an appropriate event (as defined by the rector of the academy) in single-terminal examination.

A candidate registered continuous monitoring can have a temporary incapacity, total or partial (pronounced by the medical authority of injury or illness). In this case, the teacher must:

or refer the student to the remedial test

either allow certification on two tests for the candidate whose inability during the year is confirmed and can not, therefore, present the third physical test. The candidate is then noted on the average of the two scores.

marked "excused from physical education for medical reasons" so the student can not undergo at least two rounds. The candidate will therefore have no notes.

The catch-up test

There is a compensation system for all types of education evaluated CCF (common, complementary and optional). Candidates who receive this catch must certify their inability (injuries, temporary health problems) with the academic medical authority. In case of force majeure, candidates can also benefit from these remedial tests.

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