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Bac 2016: 2 new measures to help recalibrated to avoid stalling

A decree published Tuesday, 27 October in the Official Journal, clarified the plan against school dropout decided by the government. Two measures should prevent the stall – almost 50% – candidates who fail the pan: the right to end up in their home institution and the retention of notes equal or exceed ten.

Power increase in its original setting

Whether from a public and private school under contract, students who fail the general baccalaureate, technical and vocational 2016 will have an office space, if they wish, in the establishment where they were in school. The decree states that this right is valid only once and it extends to other tests such as the technical certificate, the BTS and CAP.

Keep notes above average

The dropouts of general and technology tray – including the 2015 pan – will not have to retake the subjects where they obtained average. So far, this option was available only pro tray. All applicants therefore can now keep their notes at or above 10/20. They will, when registering the tray, select the events in question, which does not exempt repeaters to attend the corresponding courses Three clarifications: that conservation is limited to five sessions, the notes may not be preserved for a bin in the same series and, finally, this measure will not prevent to get a mention.

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