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Asso students: examples of statutes and rules of procedure

To create an association, it must draw up statutes to establish the role and functioning of the association. You can also adopt internal rules, history clearly establish the rules. These examples of status and settlement are to complement and adapt by each association, but may allow you to understand the essential questions you need to answer.

These models are offered as an indication by the service-public government website. They can not be an absolute model. In addition they were written for the sake of transparency and democracy, it is easy to "lock" an association at the statutory level, but also be much more picky about the definition of articles and content. Remember that associations obey the general principles of law applicable to contracts and obligations, and of course the various laws and decrees under the law of 1 July 1901.

The advantage of short statutes is to refer to internal rules (template available on the public-service site) for details. Beware if they are too short, they will not allow the reader to have a pretty good idea of ​​the spirit of the association. In contrast with overly detailed statutes, you may often have to be made for constitutional amendments, so to call general meetings and pay fees in OJ.

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