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Assistance coordinator

The assistance coordinator is the interface between the insured and the insurer. Never caught unprepared in emergency situations, it is able to identify the customer’s problem (accident, illness, death, etc.), to support, guide it to a suitable solution even to canvass for him thanks to an extensive network of providers. In addition, it also handles administrative tasks (insurance records, contracts, etc.)

The daily assistance coordinator

Install behind a phone, the assistance agent receives calls from its customers in France or abroad. It is therefore not enough to solve the problem on site, but also to provide a result. Thus, if the insured leg breaks away from home, the charge of assistance must not only organize medical care by connecting physicians from France, but also organize his repatriation.

To step back

The assistance coordinator must show some maturity to step back from events and resolve them without panicking. Moreover, he must find an adequate response to its customer problem while respecting the clauses imposed by the contract.

The training how to become responsible for assistance

There is no specific training for this job. A ferry +2 commerce or foreign languages ​​is recommended. A good level of general education and legal and administrative knowledge can be a plus.

The positions and functions of assistance coordinator

The job of responsible assistance is expanding. The assistance companies recruit CDD throughout the year, especially during summer periods.

Professional evolution

The assistance coordinator can take advantage of other opportunities within the company according to its initial formation. He can turn to managerial duties if he has the proper degree.

The average salary of an assistance

The beginner is usually paid at the hourly minimum wage. It receives most of the increases according to staggered times he has done (on weekends, holidays or at night). A responsible employee CDI assistance receives a remuneration of around € 1,600 gross monthly not including surcharges.

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