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Art teacher

He / she make practical and creative work of students from the 6th to the terminal but also to students in upper classes.

The presentation of art teacher

The art teacher aims to educate its students in art. It teaches students to express their feelings, their feelings, their experiences, their emotions, to unfold and develop their critical sense.

Prioritize practice

Teach, educate and develop critical thinking are significant points. However, it is necessary or essential to practice the students so they can develop their gains. The teacher’s aim is not to impose its expertise or rules but rather to help students grow their own artistic style and think otherwise.

Skills required for this profession

Excellent mastery of the techniques of art and design

Students wishing to become a teacher must have a minimum bac + 4 to pass the contest of Education. They can still pass such contests after a BTS Graphic design complemented by five years of professional practice.

Make an art school, applied arts or visual arts is strongly recommended for this profession. Some universities and schools offer quality training.

within schools and high schools must obtain the CAPES (Certificate of Aptitude for Professorship of Teaching Second degree)

in technical high schools must have the CAPET (Certificate of Aptitude for Professorship of Technical Education)

in vocational schools must get the CAPLP (Certificate of Aptitude for Professorship for Vocational High Schools)

The functions and positions of the art teacher

Professional evolution

This teacher of art can evolve into education consultant, director of business or inspector.

Find all the teacher deals with visual arts

The / the teacher beginner arts earns € 1,350 net per month. An associate professor earns € 1,530 net per month.

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