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Art Studies, misconceptions

Art Studies: stopping ideas! Art studies are perhaps those that carry more wisdom. Among them, the true, but much false. The proof dissect all 5 ideas received on artistic studies! Bastien Hauguel

1. Today, the area is blocked in terms of employability

True and false. As with any industry, it depends on the chosen specialty. There are for example more opportunities as a 3D animator that as a sculptor! This example is mainly used to distinguish the different ways to work the arts: applied arts are much more promising than the plastic arts.

Instead, some sectors such as video games or web design are changing and recruiting large numbers of graduates trained in the latest technologies.

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FALSE. Art schools are introducing competition often very selective. They recruit on record and an art book is almost essential to have. Finally passing in an oral interview before a panel is mostly set time. Thus able to draw a definite plus but not critical to academic success. The personality comes into account: have a creative and open mind, an art and digital culture and finally a professional project defined some are essential.

3. An art school is very expensive

TRUE AND FALSE. As in other specialized training, there is a bit of everything. Public high schools that prepare the BTS are free. Performing arts schools and the university have a cost ranging from 200 € to 600 € per year. In choosing the private, it is possible that the cost is between € 3,000 and € 9,500 the year according to the selected school.

For that price, you say that you pay: teachers who are also professionals, the provision of educational materials for high-level, the possibility of using the business network of the school to find a partner internship or a job in short, well compare the services offered by each type of training before comparing the tariff level!

4. The best art schools are located in Paris

FALSE. Although the most quoted and known establishments are Parisian (ANSAD, Fine Arts, etc ), there are now higher art schools, both public and private, very good level throughout France. Look near you, you’ll see.

5. It is impossible to pass an entrance exam without completing an artistic prépa

TRUE. It is still very difficult to integrate a school easily without following an upgrade of the basics before. And although most talented manage to get into a great school directly after the Bac with a neat book and a solid project, the majority of students in art schools have gone through an artistic prep allowing to resume the basics. Warning: artistic prep is not the same as MANAA (Last Applied Arts in level). The latter brings into artistic BTS.

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