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Are you made for the business of the sale?

The sales sector is one of the areas that the worst ideas circulate. Do not think that to be commercial, it takes a real "shark" ready to sell anything to anyone! The sale at any price, it’s over. Now the commercial does not sell to sell but seeks to meet the needs of its customers. When speaking sale, we particularly think of supermarkets. The latter includes in fact a large part of the employees. But selling is not just that this universe.

We must not forget the local shops which represent a small half and the B to B (business to business), that is to say companies that sell products or services to other companies, or artisans, distance selling companies and direct sales. All these sectors are recruiting 104,000 commercial jobs per year, enough to make you opportunities if you are interested! Hence the need to check whether your personality is compatible with the exercise of a profession in the field of sales.

Warning, the result depends on the honesty of your answers and your state of mind at the time of the test. Respond as honestly as possible, choosing what is most like you, in general.

Test conducted in partnership with Beau Travail. This MEDEF website highlights all trades, through videos, recruiting.

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