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Apply for a Civic Service: who? when? how?

You decided to try your luck and apply for a civic service? The conditions of access, duration and procedures for engagement.

The conditions: Who can apply?

Anyone aged 16 to 25 wishing to enroll may perform a civic service. Before the legal age, parental consent is required before engaging – but their schedules and assignments are managed accordingly.

Civic service is open to all young citizens of the European Union. For those who are not nationals of a member state of the Union, they must prove legal residence in France.

There are no degree requirements. If you left school before obtaining a qualification, monitoring will be adapted to your needs. Finally, for people with disabilities, civic service benefits are cumulative with AAH (Allowance for disabled adults).

The length of commitment

A mission lasts six to twelve months. The number of hours working week should be 24 hours minimum. It can go up to 48 hours spread over six days (but this time is exceptional!). Generally, a civic service is around 35 hours.

To get involved, you need to register and view the missions offered by the host structures on the site where thousands of listings are available and updated daily.

If you need personal guidance, you can also check with local missions and reception points and information to youth as the CRIJ.

If you still wonder doubts on the functioning of civic service and commitment, FAQs government website can respond.

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