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APB: your checklist 4 points for the future!

The inscriptions on APB will be completed tonight at 18pm. This is a first step completed. But have you well done and especially Are you sure what you have to do for the events? MCAT prep online remakes you a topo!

Par Julie Milk

If you have not yet registered any greeting you want, go ahead and try to sign as soon as possible because the APB server overheat few hours before closing to record your greeting (18h is ‘deadline).

1 – Confirm your vows

This is the next big and important step: confrimation vows. You have until April 2 to do so. So you still have a little time to think about it.

If you decide not to validate a wish (or more) of your list, note that you can no longer rank among the others, you’ll be hooked for good, simply.

Warning: this may trigger validation, eg for enrollment in business schools competition and / or engineers, applications for entry fee or participation in competitions. Just do it quickly!

2 – Prepare, send and especially check that your files have reached their destination!

For some courses, you have to enter information directly on APB (cover letter, notes, newsletters, etc ).

For others, the "papers" specific folders will be required and you will have until April 2 to send the mail. Do not waste time !

By-cons, know that institutions do not send an acknowledgment of your file. To check, you will need to log on PDB space "Greeting" and then under "track records". There clear data given: your file might never arrived (send it without delay), the establishment has not yet made the score part of your record or your record is incomplete and the parts required are displayed.

3 – Write down your important appointment and arrange your schedule

Do not forget to note in your diary all dates written or oral competition you have to spend part of your (future!) Admission in one of the selected schools. It would be a shame to miss the day Organize now, especially if you take the train or stay on site.

Questions about the procedure, timing, order of vows, or any other question? MCAT prep online meets you on its forums!

Come discuss the topic and ask questions to the Editor Julie Mleczko, a specialist on the subject PDB. The response is guaranteed within 24 hours!

This is the last tip in our list, but not least. On the contrary !

This is the crucial step: you need only consider your preferences and rank your vows in the order that you most care about. Do not try the strategy, supputez nothing: remember only one proposal for admission will be made by the intake phase, the best-possible to alter the order of your wishes. And if for example your vow 3 is answered, your wishes # 4, # 5, and so on, will be permanently deleted!

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APB: resigning hierarchical vow, it is possible!

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