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All about professional contract

The professional contract is one of two contracts that can sign youth who opt for alternation. Terms, specialization, remuneration followed: we tell you all about this formula which aims to lead you to success and use!

Every year, 150,000 new training contracts were signed in France, the vast majority of youth under 26 years. Proof that the success of this formula can not be denied, since he has replaced the qualification contract.

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The professionalisation contract intended to help young people gain a degree or professional title, a qualification recognized by a sectoral agreement or a qualification issued by the National Joint Committee on Employment. How? By alternating periods of training in an educational institution and corporate work periods in connection with the desired qualification.

Who can make a pro contract?

A priori, the professional contract relates to young people under 26, who have no professional qualifications or who wish to complete their initial training but also job seekers aged 26 and over, and some employees CDI whose qualification is inadequate.

Benefits are we a company tutor?

The guardian is not mandatory for the professional contract, but sectoral agreements can make it a precondition. In this case, the employer may appoint a guardian. It will then be selected on a voluntary basis and must prove professional experience of at least 2 years in a qualification relevant to the intended goal of professionalization.

What is the pay?

For young people 16 to 25 years old:

salary is greater than or equal to 55% of the minimum wage for young people under 21 years, and greater than or equal to 65% of the minimum wage if the child has the baccalaureate level;

it is equal to or exceeds 70% of the minimum wage for young people of 21 and over, 85% or greater and if it has the baccalaureate level.

For employees with at least 26 years: the salary is at or above the minimum wage or, if higher, 85% of the minimum wage laid down by the agreement or collective agreement of the branch to which the company .

What is the duration of a pro contract?

It is established for a minimum of 6 to 12 months. However, this device is modular and can be up to 24 months for people leaving the education system without a recognized professional qualification or when the nature of the qualifications required, but only a branch agreement may authorize this extension.

Nothing prevents you also to sign a professional contract before or after an apprenticeship. In all cases, you will receive only one professional contract in your life.

What are sector agreements to which the pro contract?

For the professional contract, and that was the big news at launch, it is the professional branches specifying the procedure relating to training or professional qualifications directly affecting them.

Today, most of the 250 existing professional branches in France have signed agreements: for each of them, so it is possible to know what the diplomas, qualifications and certifications they allow to prepare under professional contract. Know that any business, whatever it is, must join a professional branch.

Who can recruit a salaried professional contract?

All companies, almost! Specifically: all employers subject to the financing of continuing vocational training, as well as temporary employment agencies, industrial and commercial public establishments and shipowning companies.

However, you can not sign a pro contract in the State Service, a local authority or a public administrative establishment.

What is the rhythm of alternation?

It depends on the trainer center and enterprise. Training represents between 15 to 25% of the total duration of the contract. Its duration is 150 hours minimum and up to 250 hours. Thus, this alternating fashion favors presence in business.

For BTS, a waiver will obviously be signed in order to increase the number of hours until 1100 hours (number of hours of training required by the BTS repository set by the state).

Who can undertake a professional contract?

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