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Aid to the National Student Relief Fund (FNAU)

Grants and public aid

If cases of great difficulty, you can turn to the National Student Emergency Assistance Fund (FNAU) to request emergency assistance. It can be either one-time or annual (academic year).

Emergency assistance is for students experiencing financial difficulties. Except disabilities recognized by the Committee on rights and autonomy of persons with disabilities (CDAPH), you must be under 35 years old on September 1 of the year of training for which it is requested.

This so-called urgent assistance can take two forms depending on the situation of the student, either one-time assistance for students who temporarily encounter serious financial difficulties, an annual aid for students who encounter financial difficulties lasting and can not benefit from the education grant on social criteria.

To receive annual support, you will also complete the degree requirements, study, nationality provided by the regulations on scholarships on social criteria and do not take a case of purse exclusion. As well as a scholarship student, you will be subject to conditions of attendance at courses and exams that the scholarship student.

You can avail of annual support if:

you are in a position of autonomy and proved not get your parents’ material support. This is assessed on the basis of the following: certificate of a separate home, separate tax notice or, failing that, a separate tax return and existence of regular income related to paid employment of an annual amount of at least 3435, € 84 (gathered over the last 12 months preceding the application for an annual allocation). It is also taking into account other income you receive and may justify your position of autonomy. The lack of material support from parents must be justified. Finally, the payment of child support, when required by a court decision, does not preclude the award of an annual allowance for autonomy;

you are family breakdown. Your situation of isolation and insecurity must be certified by a social assessment;

you have taken your education beyond 28 years and do not have to ceiling superior resources provided by the scale of the award. In this case, you will not receive other aid (unemployment benefit, active solidarity income);

you are a student or French national of a Member State of the European Union other than France, of a State party to the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation, you live only on French territory and declared income your family living abroad do not assess the right to exchange;

you are raised by a family member without a court order (uncle, aunt, grandparents, for example).

Note: the review board can consider unforeseen applications and ineligible persons scholarships based on social criteria if they consider them legitimate.

For what amounts?

Annual support is paid throughout the academic year in 10 monthly installments. The amount is one of the rungs of the grant based on social criteria, except level 0, where it is paid over 10 months. Indicatively, the amount of aid for 2016/2017 corresponds to a level of 1-6 of the grant based on social criteria, between € 1,669 and € 4,778 per year (maximum amount for the emergency aid annual). Namely: This figure can be reduced if the situation of the student justify, but can not be less than 6 installments. In the same way as the grant based on social criteria, it may result in some situations to a payment during major academic holidays.

The annual emergency assistance also qualifies for exemption:

registration fee at the university,

The annual emergency aid can not be combined with a grant based on social criteria, but it can be added with international mobility and using merit.

The annual allowance is intended to answer some lasting situations that may result in the allocation and payment of a grant under the conditions imposed by the regulation of higher education scholarships based on social criteria of the Ministry of Higher Education . As such, you will need to first perform a scholarship application in the student social file, explaining your particular situation.

A first review will then direct you to the entry of a specific file annual allocation (based on a model developed by the Cnous) that you will return to Crous with vouchers for your situation. The applications are then examined by a committee.

The ad hoc emergency aid

The time assistance comes in response to the finding of a serious social situation where an annual allowance may be allocated during the academic year. The student must be enrolled in initial training in an institution (or a setting section) access to the student social security scheme. Several ad hoc aid can be exceptionally granted to him during one academic year.

The maximum amount of this ad hoc aid is € 1,669 (or step 1 scholarships on social criteria). If cumulates this aid, be aware that the amount may not exceed twice that amount, ie € 3,338 for the 2016-2017 year. In cases of extreme urgency, an advance payment of € 200 will be granted to scholarship students or non-scholarship.

The ad hoc emergency aid be combined with a grant based on social criteria, with annual emergency assistance to international mobility, using merit

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