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Admission Master, MS or MBA: 10 tips for success

Research at the admission interview, through the application and schedule: Discover all our tips for success to be admitted to the training you want!

1. Start as early as possible its reflection

To be effective in its preparation you need to plan. Grab a retro-planning can be a good idea to avoid oversights Especially since these courses are selective and prepare files requires thought and time!

Remember that your efforts will add to your classes, workshops and activities, so pay attention to the schedule too full!

Do not miss a unique opportunity to come to the level of training of hundreds of meeting Bac + 4 / + 5 and 6!

For this appointment in one of MCAT prep online Shows Masters 2, Specialized Masters & MBA near you. On site, many institutions are there to present their chains!

Before rushing ahead, you have to build your project, it’s allowing you to opt for courses that give it meaning. Do not be guided by "the call of the rankings" they certainly provide guidance but it’s up to you to make your own mind.

You are going to also need motivation to prepare files, do the paperwork, and especially convince juries A written and oral, that’s what they’ll look first, followed by your maturity, relevance and consistency of your career plan. Why our school, our training, what do you expect? Show that you have thought through all that and everything is clear in your head!

3. Know how a professional

If you doubt your ability to choose, anticipate or read between the lines, accompaniment by a professional training may be wise. Some have real human resource skills: analyze your skills and knowledge of the labor market and training will help you build a winning project. And where they can really make the difference is that they know juries admission criteria. They can help you present your case at the best angle. A truly personalized marketing!

4. Be clear about why you want to choose this (these) training (s)

Training content, corporate network, opportunities, links abroad: much of features that you need to analyze highlight in your application file. The more specific you and concrete about what you just look at these courses, more chances you have to convince.

5. Put yourself in the place of admission juries to understand their expectations (identify and value the strengths of your profile)

Why you and not another? Because you read between the lines. Because you understand that beyond the objective selection criteria, there are subjective criteria, and you have the perfect apprehended. Tel Masters positions on trade relations with Asia? Enjoy a Chinese crash course and display it on the resume. Remember, competition is severe, differentiation is a real strategy. If you do not, others will

Learn to value you use each question to sell yourself and demonstrate your motivation, your strength, while remaining humble!

6. Treat your CV

CV A document seen, reviewed and re-reviewed but rarely at. While you are speaking to a training, the success criteria are the same as for a business. On the form, creativity is not a priority. Make effective, that is to say clear and structured. CV does not have to please you but meet the criteria of your future readers.

On the substance, your CV is indeed based on your journey, but its goal is still to develop your potential. Also be aware select and develop information that will "touch" your player.

7. Work your cover letter

Too often, this letter comes down to a low content, which is more a disappointing form. While it can bring real added value to your file. Also like the resume, it is to respect the criteria of presentation and quality content.

On the form, your letter must remain on a page. Observe the rules of presentation and highlight various paragraphs of your letter. On the bottom, again, it comes to synthetic. Looking to provide clear information about your motivation in writing around three ideas: your project, the course already achieved and why APPLY to such training.

8. Solicit good letters of recommendation

specific exercise to admission records: letters of recommendation. You need to focus on two priorities:

WHO: identify and interesting people who know you in different contexts. For example, a former tutor of internship or manager in a job with a former teacher (if possible in your future training related material).

WHAT: juries obviously expect that these letters are in your favor If you want the letters to validate your file, make sure that they are customized for each training and what your "referent" enhances your points strong, but also a development axis on which you must progress further (so justly your letter is credible and not just rave)!

Small alert to the fact that these letters of recommendation are not easy to recover, so pay attention to take you there well in advance to make sure you have these items in a timely manner.

9. Prepare your interviews

To access either of these courses, you can expect a severe selection. Also, after carefully written your CV and cover letter (do not forget to fill your educational file), get ready for the big test required: maintenance. Remember these few lines: not to improvise, follow the rule of "3P".

"Brochure by heart"

Learn by heart the school board! And especially the academic program specifics for which you are applying. If you fall on the trick question: "If you have the choice between our training and another, which will you choose? "You can get away with reciting the famous specificities.


Heal the sounds! How? Have good looks, proper attire (sober) and smile. Throughout the interview, look at all the members of the jury, do not admire the tips of your shoes! At the end, thank the jury.


Be efficient! How? Get to the point – "to the point" would the Anglo-Saxons – and be impactful. Know argue "facts & figures", with facts and figures. For example, the question "Why are applying yourself to master in sports marketing? "Instead of saying," I am applying because I love the sport, "say instead," I did three internships with a supplier, I am holder of the BAFA and I lead groups in a neighborhood association. Sport I want to do my job. I read that your program is in the top 10 courses in France in sports marketing. That is why I am applying. "

10. During the interview, be "in the moment"

Any good coach will tell you, one of your interviews of success criteria is to live the moment! Not easy, with stress, the jury asks you However, the more you open, the more likely you are to link and thus to actually communicate with the jury. Opportunities and more they remember you!

Respect the jury observe the proposed rules, but whatever happens, never forget that your goal is to inform you (not just to answer questions). Do not try to justify yourself to your past, but rather to guide the gaze of the jury about your future.

Last tip, when you have integrated training: be proactive! All will offer you a lot of content, speakers, case studies Absorb but also enjoy to be curious and start developing your network. Enjoy it as a stepping stone to your professional life. And remember, as Marcel Proust said, "There is no easy success nor definitive failures. "

Guillaume Verney-Carron, founder and director of Personalis, a consulting firm in human resources, created in 2002, a leader in service orientation in France. This specialist and his team of coaches, has over fifteen years of experience in human resources with large companies but also in advising major French schools. Each year, Best Admission directs and accompanies students and executives in their academic and career choices. all national Master degrees are online

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