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Specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncturist (trice) relieves physical and psychological ailments of humans using fine needles that are implanted on the surface of the skin.

The daily missions of an acupuncturist

The acupuncturist relieves mental disorders, pain in all its forms, digestive disorders, sleep disorders, allergies and ailments associated with pregnancy. These pains are soothed by using fine needles that are implanted on the surface of the skin. They help restore a harmonious energy flow of the body. In China, acupuncture, Chinese Zhenjiu – the needles and fire method – is considered one of the most effective methods to cure diseases.

Solid knowledge of medicine, osteopathy and pharmacopoeia

Patience, empathy and precision

What (s) training (s) follow?

To become acupuncturist, medical training is mandatory. The initial training for future acupuncturists / acupunctrices is similar to that of future physicians. After obtaining the Doctor Doctorate in Medicine, students specialize in acupuncture for three. They get an IUD (Inter-University Diploma) general acupuncture.

Midwives wishing to practice this traditional medicine have the possibility of training that will result in obtaining an IUD in obstetric acupuncture.

In France, only doctors and midwives are permitted to practice this profession. Acupuncturists not doctors are not recognized and are not allowed to exercise that Chinese medicine.

The functions and positions an acupuncturist

The acupuncturist can work in private, it will have its own office. It can be employed in chiropractic offices, clinics or medical offices.

Professional evolution

An / an acupuncturist / acupuncturist knows no meaningful professional development. Only his fame is really rewarding. However, employees have the opportunity to become independent by opening their own practices.

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The health professions guide

The guide lists the French landscape of the health professions. He lists, in the retail, every medical profession and paramedics as well as training and qualifications for access. It specifies all the possibilities of exercise: in the hospital or in private, in public or private community, in research or in humanitarian.

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