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A Interuniversity Diploma “Head trauma in children and adolescents” in September!

University of Aix-Marseille III (Faculty of Law and Political Science) of Paris VI (UFR Necker Sick Children) and Paris VII (UFR Saint-Antoine) jointly launch an inter-university diploma: Head injury child and adolescent on an idea Madam President Elisabeth Old (Magistrate – Chamber President – Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence) who co-directs with this degree by Antoine Leca Professors (Faculty of law of Aix-en-Provence), Philippe Thoumie (UFR St. Anthony) and Dominique Renier (UFR Necker Enfants Malades). The objectives of the degree: Teaching in a language accessible to different professions medical and legal information necessary for the management of children and young victims of head trauma: medical and legal knowledge required to care, medical knowledge to try and ensure the rights of the child, medical knowledge to teach brain-damaged children.

Admission after unanimous opinion of the three co-directors of education:

Holders of the French State diploma of doctor of medicine (especially judicial experts doctors, insurance and resort and school doctors)

Foreign doctors with a diploma allowing them to practice medicine in the country

Internal specialty care and residents

Psychologists, paramedics, educators, socio-educational assistants hold a state diploma

Judges: Children judges, guardianships, parquet minors, judges of compensation

Educators of the Judicial Youth Protection (Ministry of Justice) and social assistance to children

Special education teachers

Organization: 5 modules of 2 and a half days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday morning) spread over a year (September, October, November, January, March) or 95 hours of instruction, including 15 hours of tutorials. The first 4 modules will take place in Paris and the last to Aix-en-Provence, the Health Law Center.


Module 1 (Module Leaders: Maria de Agostini, Philippe Meyer) epidemiology; pre-traumatic state: Neuropsychology of development, to conduct risk; support in the early phase. Module 2 (Anne Laurent-Vannier, Pascale Pradat-Diehl) main clinical pictures and rehabilitation. Module 3 (Anne Laurent-Vannier and Catherine Epelbaum) accompanying the child and his family and reintegration. Module 4 (Dominique Renier and Elisabeth Old) abuse, shaken baby syndrome: clinical aspects and legal Module 5 (Old Elisabeth and Anne Laurent-Vannier) repair of severe head trauma for the child.

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