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A free clinic for students in Paris

A first free clinic for students in central Paris opened its doors Street of the Holy Fathers. His goal ? "Meeting the challenges faced by students, including 20% ​​of them who renounce care for financial reasons," explained its director Philippe Aousou during its official opening.

Philippe Aousou continues his presentation by detailing the specific problems of Parisian students: "the paid tier is not widespread, the number of university students increases significantly and most are away from their families remained in Province and even the abroad. the stress about the future or contests are also characteristics of this population. " The Inter-University Preventive Medicine and Health Promotion (SIUMPPS), originally of the center, has responded to the needs of this student population and fight against the part of them – 15.6% according to the latest survey of the mutual network Emevia – who gives up seeking treatment for lack of budget.

"The center is open to all students. The appointments are made online via the platform" explains Frédéric Dardel, President of the University Paris Descartes hosting the center. Pricing is one area without agreement with honorary overflow (the general practice was 23 €). One of the center doctors can become the gatekeeper of the student. On site are present ten GPs and specialists. Many medical procedures are available: ORL, update vaccinations, gynecology, nutrition, psychological care, oral assessment and treatment, support for addictive behavior or ophthalmology.

The Centre shall apply the third-party payer, students do not have fees in advance, provided that their vital card is current and they are adherents to a mutual agreement with the center. "It was urgent to respond to the medical difficulties of students, it is a matter of national solidarity," concluded Philippe Aousou. The question will be whether the victim of its success, the center will be able to meet the demands of Parisian students. For example, for an "emergency" in general practice, the site offers as next appointment October 22.

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