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5 good reasons to go study abroad

To study abroad ? At once fascinating and frightening? If you are still a little reluctant to take the plunge, MCAT prep online gives you the main reasons for leaving your home country. Dare the adventure!

Going abroad for his studies can not be improvised! Above all, do you go for the right reasons? Here are 5 that those to remember.

1- Learning a foreign language

Bilingualism seems nowadays a necessity. And what better way to learn a foreign language as a total immersion? Continuous practice a language with native country is the best way to control it. Through your studies, you can even have a technical vocabulary specific to a field of expertise (management, finance, communication ). An invaluable asset for recruiters. Besides the professional advantage, mastering other languages ​​allow you to make you more easily friends and why not settle in the country later! But do not kid, even on site it takes time to become multilingual. Allow at least three months for a good command of the language.

2. Discover a new culture

Globalization has standardized most cultures, but not completely! Each retains its specificities. It can then be interesting to discover other ways of life, this will give you a more open mind. You will realize that there are different ways of thinking and seeing things. With a sharp critical mind, you’ll now benchmarks to judge the events at home or elsewhere.

3- Fulfillment secured personal

Delivered to yourself, this journey into the unknown will make you mature. Without your family, you will get by on your own. A unique experience to build self-confidence! You learn to know you better but also to open up to others. With your many meetings and your new resourcefulness, you will come back transformed.

4- Learning differently

The teaching methods are not the same anywhere else, you! You’ll have to adjust to a learning environment where the rules are different. For example, in Anglo-Saxon countries, teachers promote independent thinking in the restitution of course. Also, the homework is not all manuscripts but typed on the computer, as in professional life! No panic: you will surely measure up. If you are accepted in a foreign school, it usually means that you are a good student. Indeed, the selection is usually on file and displayed depending on the motivation.

5- Promoting your CV

The ultimate goal of studying abroad is to enhance training. In the era of globalization, an international career of more value to the recruiter. This shows that you are independent, open minded with a certain intellectual curiosity. Live outside of France, is also having to be resourceful and adaptive evidence. Qualities much sought after in the world of work. In addition, this experience abroad is the way to differentiate yourself and make you more easily a place on the labor market. Remember to include on your resume!

"I’ve learned to live away from home and to integrate myself in a new environment"

Anaïs, 22, left to study for a year at Marburg in Germany

"I wanted to spend a year abroad to add a" plus "to my resume. Through Erasmus I had a scholarship to finance my trip and was a priority for a room in a student residence. In Germany, my training had no specific name. I had to create myself by drawing in the courses I judged useful. I had a specification that I had to respect (courses of economics, translation, geopolitical, civilization ) in order to validate my license. I learned to live away from my friends and my family while successfully integrate myself in a new environment. I know now that I can totally move to the other side of the world if my employer asks me. If you have the opportunity to go with Erasmus, do it. It’s very easy. You can then "Live Europe", a Europe that some describe as negative or non-existent. I can say that Europe exists for making this trade! "

And if you do not want to go alone

From solo and by yourself is fun for some. For others however, the initiative seems perilous and requires courage. It is true that obstacles exist: choice of training; health insurance ; high cost of travel and residence in the foreign country For most students, a little chilly to the idea of ​​this pile of paperwork, there is a solution: exchange programs. They were created to best promote student mobility. By cons, so do not expect to go at short notice. In this area, no miracle: a departure abroad is preparing. Then have at least one year before the scheduled departure date, if only for the inscriptions.

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