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“MCAT” Admission Test. What is MCAT?

The “Medical College Admission Test” (MCAT) is an entrance examination for medicine (1 cycle) operated by the Association of American Medical Schools ” Association of American Medical Colleges ‘ (AAMC). For examination information, including dates, locations, testing and preparation materials, see the AAMC website below. Note that the MCAT may be mandatory, optional or not applicable depending on your applicant category and is only available in English.

Our virtual course at MCAT prep online includes combination of easy to learn educational high quality videos of lessons and decent online classroom meetings.

You can choose among different courses of own MCAT materials areas, including biology, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry, and verbal reasoning or choose the Golden Package for capable MCAT preparation solution online course. The interactive boards, audios and videos are absolutely better than virtual class items of the courses that companies can suggest, but still the virtual details of the MCAT prep online courses are considered as the most allowable in such field.

Who can go through MCAT?

The MCAT is taken if:

  • Your purpose is to enter a health profession’s school like osteopathic, allopathic, veterinary medicine or podiatric. It concerns the students from other countries as well.
  • You are subscribing to any particular program which is associated with MCAT examination results.
  • You are registered in an MBBS degree program or if you already have such degrees as Bachelor of Surgery or Medicine.

While process of registry, you will have to confirm that you are willing to enter definite medical or health profession’s college. Pay attention that there aren’t any academic prerequisites for the MCAT prep online. Those who have or don’t have science knowledge are equally able to take the medical examination and both have the possibilities to study in medical college. Also, there are some basic MCAT prep courses that will help to increase the tests scores.

It is essential to be aware that these medical courses still give you the chance to take part in other different undergraduate academic programs. If you want to know more details, click here: What kind of college lessons you must pass in order to be ready to complete MCAT examinations?

When is it possible to pass the MCAT?

People who are planning to enter medical college as a rule take the MCAT prep courses a year before their entering.

That’s why you have to take the MCAT in 2017 if you are intended to enter college in the next year. And if you are considering to enter college in 2019, you must try to pass the MCAT a year or even more earlier.
It means, that it would be perfectly to begin your preparation for MCAT at least half a year before your exam day. Click here to view 2017 MCAT Dates for tests online.

Moreover, there are no educational prerequisites for the MCAT, you have the possibilities to pass the MCAT as early as any other students with any scores. You should also be aware that if you made up your mind to take the MCAT, this information is very important: you are able to take the MCAT examination not only one, but even two or three times in a testing year, up to four times in two following years and in a sum up to seven times during your whole life. For instructions in organizing your premedical practices containing taking the MCAT, click here: AAMC’s Medical School Application Timeline

What unit can be chosen on the MCAT?

Generally you can select from four units:

  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills (MCAT CARS);
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems;
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior;
  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems.

MCAT prep test timetable for the New Examination

The AAMC has created the newest MCAT to be longer. It lasts 7 and a half hours. The chart that you can see below is an outline of the various MCAT elements and the period of time given for your answers.

What expectations can you have from the newest MCAT examination?

Actual MCAT prep isn’t in your country but there are some pros, for example, it is the perfect way to evaluate your knowledge of the sciences. Remember, that there are not any obvious limits when comparing the sciences. We can’t be sure if a molecule is a thing of biology, chemistry, physics or other science as well.

You got to know to put the molecule into a box requiring on the course cipher.

The new MCAT destroys the border.

It goes without saying, the molecule is chemistry, biology and physics, it still can contain sociological or psychological intimation.
The new MCAT units comprise such scientific subjects: Biochemistry, Biology, Physics, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry which cooperate in biological or living systems.

The Social, Biological and Psychological Organizations of Behavior looks for to examine your wide experience of the interaction between such disciplines as Sociology, Biology and Psychology with the factors which are the basic methods of investigation. The final is also corresponding with DSM-5 (the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition)

The mainly searched words for the new test are ‘systems’ and ‘foundations’.
The new online MCAT preparation courses will exam your skills and practice concerning how the scientific subjects are related how they interact and affect the other scientific area just as it takes distinctive sections to make up an organization and it takes different kinds of notions to encircle the system.

New MCAT is quite difficult. Firstly, it is in-depth because there is high percentile of subjects contained: Sociology, Biochemistry, Statistics and Psychology. Secondly, The MCAT prep course units are formed in such a way that they extent all other disciplines.

Finally, the goal is to guarantee that those percentiles of students who are taken to medical college have not only knowledge of scientific peculiarities and definite formulae, they also have the alertness and ability to consider the sciences integrally, and even manage to focus on the smallest details, that mean be able to analyze the scientific information with the help of apprehension.

To sum it up, the recent MCAT prep won’t attract those who agree to swank for a long time that could be used more wisely, study for three months. This test is for learners who can analyze the scientific facts and use them in order to find the solutions to a particular problem. The aim of online MCAT course is to check what you are aware of, and if you know how your feelings and thoughts influence your behavior and actions. (Social Sciences section and psychology)

It is intricate enough. The medicine and life sciences are tangled. Medical knowledge and medical technology are constantly enlarging and it shows you that there are many things that you still don’t know. The best future doctors should have mental vigor and motility to manage with the non-stopping developments and explorations in technology, science and be ready to cope with patients as unique people and not as simple conditions – that are the qualities that experienced and well-qualified doctors are demanded to do. And that are the ways the proficient medical colleges teach their learners to become respective future doctors.